Sunday, October 14, 2012

Character Encounter

Kendra of Knitted by God's Plan has an amazing tag in which I am going to participate!  My character is none other than Laban Squeed from CATT.

Laban Squeed
My arms are full of books and papers.  I'm ready to study at the very large university library.  After walking up the spiral stairs I enter the research room and set my books in one of the cubicles.  I turn around to find the books I need, and what should I see but the a fiery red head of hair bob over one of the other cubicles.  "Immature Freshman Boys!" I think to myself in disgust.  I watch in semi-amusement as the head of hair walks around the line of cubicles and faces me.  When I see his full person I stagger in surprise and horror.  Clutching the side of the cubicle with one hand, I feel my head with the other.  This person is dressed in clothes of a century and a half ago, but more than that, I recognize him as none other than...
"Laban Squeed!" I gasp.
The young man's long, sinister fingers stroke his watch chain.
"At your service," he says with a smile.  "I came here especially to find you, Miss Barrett.  What do you mean by killing me in your novel?"
"I had to!" I cry, looking around desperately for the librarian.  There is a girl in the corner working on her computer, but she doesn't even lift her head at the commotion.
Mr. Squeed takes a tiny revolver from his pocket and brandishes it in my face.  "You will not make a certain character kill me!  I demand the right to live to the end of the story!"
It will be useless to make a mad rush.  I have no doubt that he is as real as I, though it seems fantastically bizarre.  One of the guys from my speech class walks into the room behind Mr. Squeed.  I try to signal to him without Mr. Squeed noticing, but he only gives me a quizzical look and says, "Hi?"
Mr. Squeed whirls around at the sound of his voice, but still the guy doesn't see him.  I run at Mr. Squeed from behind and knock him down.  The gun spins out of my reach.  Desperately a yell at the guy from speech class, "Pick up the gun!  Pick up the gun!"
He stands there dumbly and looks at me as though I am going crazy.
Mr. Squeed scrambles up and lunges for the gun.  I barely manage to trip him and make a wild dash for the revolver.  With a paralyzing yell Mr. Squeed pushes me out of the way from behind and snatches up the gun.
I back out of the room, casting a quick glance at the spiral staircase behind me.  I pretend like I'm going to make a run for it, and Mr. Squeed runs after me.  He trips over the railing of the staircase and plummets!
Unfortunately I see a girl walking underneath him!  "Watch out!" I yell frantically.
She looks up at me with raised eyebrows.  Oh, dash it all!  It's my RA.
When I look again, I don't see a trace of Mr. Squeed.  I only see my RA, walking up the spiral staircase, a concerned look on her face.  "Katie, are you all right?"
The guy from speech class comes out of the room behind me.  "Um, what was that all about?"
I look over the railing.  There's nothing there but a little piece of gold watch-chain hanging from the tip of a wing on the statue of the archangel on the main floor.  "I'm having a little trouble with my writing," I say with a sheepish grin.

Thanks for reading and God bless,


  1. Thanks for joining in! That was an interesting take on it! I'm glad you survived the encounter!

  2. Heehee, this was great, Kathryn!! I cracked up over the 'Immature Freshman Boys'!

    Lovely to see you back on Blogger! I hope your classes are going well.

  3. Wonderful, Kathryn!!! Haha!!! Although, I'm not sure I could see that redhead pictured doing that... we usually don't let him have guns. :)

  4. I absolutely LOVED this, Kathryn! Very good post!!! :)

  5. "I'm having a little trouble with my writing." Oh My Goodness! I love it!!!! This has just brightened my day!!!



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