Sunday, February 16, 2014

Christmas at the Tittletons Character Interview and Ebook Sale

Dear Bloglings,

Well, I've been a bit busy and also a bit consumed with Alicia lately, so I haven't done anything big for the release of Christmas at the Tittletons on eBook.  Yet . . .

Actually, one of my dear friends, the real recorder of the events at Tittleton House, is with us today, and she is excited about the advent of her book in electronic form.

Well, yes, I am, but I am simply stricken with awe at the thought of those words being electric.  Why, I thought that electricity was only in lightning.

Not quite, Miss Warbling.  In our time almost everything we use is connected with electricity in some way, no matter how remote.

Fascinating!   Simply fascinating!  Perhaps if we'd had your electrical devices at Tittleton House, we would not have taken so long to find the murderer.

Perhaps not, but you did a good job anyhow.

Me?  Oh, goodness, no, Miss Bassington-French.  I did nothing out of the ordinary except go about and get into trouble.  The real credit goes to Scotland Yard.  They did most of the investigating.

Perhaps, but where would they have gotten if you didn't help out in the end?  The murderer would never have been found out.

The only thing I did was write about it afterward.

Yes, with a little help from yours truly.  Don't take all the credit, Miss Warbling.

Heaven forbid that!  But writing about it helped me to keep a bit of sanity while in my uncle's castle.  Have you ever read Anne Radcliffe?

A little, but I've not finished one of her books yet.

Uncle Andrew's castle is every bit as terrifying as one of Miss Radcliffe's.  Even the castle, though, can't compare with the terror of finding a dead body in a darkened library at night, or of being attacked in your own bed.

Please, Miss Warbling, you can't give away all the spoilers!


The most exciting and revealing parts of the book?  Do you want everyone to know?

Well, yes.  That's the whole reason I wrote the account in the first place.  I want people to know what really happened at Tittleton House, seeing as the newspapers were getting everything all wrong.   You know that one of the newspapers called me a vain young lady?  Not in so many words, but it was there for all to see quite plainly.

I'm dreadfully sorry, Miss Warbling.  If they had ever met you, I know they would have felt differently.

My thoughts exactly.  But I don't understand why some people have to be such gossips.

Well, hopefully everyone who really wants to know the truth will read your account of it, and then they will get it all right.

I hope people read it whether they want to know the truth or not!

Me too, frankly.  But I think you had better go now, so that I can announce the sale.

Oh, Miss Bassington-French, do let me announce it.  I should dearly love to, as I have never announced anything like thisbefore.

Very well.

Dear people, I hope that you are all listening closely, because this is very important.  How am I doing, Miss Bassington-French?

Very well, Miss Warbling.

Oh, good.  Well, for the next week, Miss Bassington-French is pricing her book at 3 shillings for a whole week!  I am most elated over the news.  You should all go and purchase it at once, for such a price is scarce to be found anywhere else.

Miss Warbling, not 4 shillings.  This is the United States, and also over a century and a half later than you.  Prices are different.  The real price during the sale is actually $2.50.  But only for a week.

Christmas at the Tittletons

Ah, yes, I keep forgetting.  $2.50 is the price.  But 3 shillings is not a bad price for a book.

No, it really isn't.

And this is only for a week.  After that, the book goes back to $7.00 for its selling price.  You had all better buy it now while you can.

Thank you, Miss Warbling.  Now are you ready to go?

Aren't you going to put those little blue letters down that bring people to the book if they touch it?

Do you mean a link?  Of course!

Here's the link, people.  Go here to buy Christmas at the Tittletons for $2.50, but only for one week.

Now, Miss Bassington-French, may we have some tea?

Sounds delightful, Miss Warbling.  Excuse me, all.  I do believe I've been invited out for tea.

Thanks for reading, and God bless,


  1. This is exciting! I'd buy it if I didn't already own it. I read it over Christmas and LOVED it, I just haven't had time to review it. But with it on sale, now is the perfect time, I will let everyone know on my review.

  2. Review


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