Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Never nap before bedtime!

Well, last evening I was reading and I fell asleep.  I rarely do that!  Anywho, I slept for an hour and a half, and one of my brothers had to wake me for family devotions.  I was all groggy for that, and after devotions, we read aloud letters from our delightful CBCs!

When I was ready to go to bed, though, I could not fall asleep!  I lay awake for hours, listening to the sounds of night and fantasizing about living in Rindavae (Alicia's world).  That is what you get for taking a nap only a few hours before you are supposed to be sleeping.

Alicia is in the very first stages of editing.  Of course all of my family members are clamoring to read it, which is a bit embarrassing for me, because all I can think of are the numerous mistakes that flood its pages.  Thankfully Mama is a quality assurance manager for an MT company, which is basically a professional spellchecker, so she will help proofread for mistakes.

Meanwhile, while I am editing Alicia, I cannot completely cut out other writing, so I am working on a supplementary volume for another story.  This supplementary volume is in the form of a personal journal, although when I write the story the character keeping the journal, one Loren D'Nore, will be only a secondary character.  However, this journal will provide many necessary background details for the story which I think I am going to call The Wraiths of Torte.  It has been four years in the planning, m'dears.

And in between all of that writing, we have been making blueberry jam and plum cake and blueberry muffins and other such summery delicacies over here!  There is nothing like homemade jam spread out on a fresh piece of homemade bread!  Besides which, we have been canning green beans from our garden.  You should see how many beans we are already harvesting this early in the season!  Hidden Orchards is doing quite well, I must say!

Thanks for reading, and God Bless,

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  1. You read them out loud?! Well... I must say, I'm glad to hear that. Hopefully, we all wrote well enough that your family enjoyed them. ;)

    Ahh... The Wraiths of Torte. I was wondering when we'd start hearing more about that. Although... I have heard that Count Bob states you will not do them justice.

    Of course, it would be *after* we left that you got into making all those scrumptious things! Enjoy your beans, m'dear. Ours were mostly destroyed by strange vermin known as DEER, a group we believe to be in league with the SWs.


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