Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Introducing Alicia

Well, I know I seem to always have a new story every time you come on, but most of these are old stories that I dig up and revive.  This one is new, though.  I started it a few months ago and have been more interested in actually writing it than blogging about writing it.  Also, I had schoolwork to do, which takes up a lot of time.  However, I have decided that the time has come to talk a little bit about the book, because, after all, that is what this blog is all about, sort of.

Anywho, the book is titled Alicia after the main character, and I am over seventy thousand words along with it. Also, the story is somewhat connected with Lonish the Swordmaster.  You know a little about the main character if you read my last post.

I have been writing like crazy ever since I returned from school.  I purposely stayed away from blogger so that I would be able to get work done on the story, and I have gotten quite a bit of work done, so I feel that the time has come to celebrate.

My goal for Alicia is 100,000 words, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the story will turn out to be a good deal longer than that.

So, what is the story about?  Well, Alicia is the main character and narrator.  She is the princess of Valewin, and even though her younger brother is the king, she is the real ruler of the nation.  That is, until Siladra, a power-hungry woman, weasels her way into the court and starts influencing Calius, the king, against his manipulative sister.  Finally, Alicia is falsely accused of murder and thrown into the dungeon, where she meets Riddle, the captain of the dungeon and a warmonger who only wants to help Alicia to escape so that he can start a civil war in Valewin.  Other characters include Calla, Alicia's faithful lady-in-waiting; Rachelle, Alicia's annoying yet clever cousin; Sir Ashenisk, a knight who loves Valewin above all else; Hernagrow, a mischievous and talented artist; and Alfieri, a young man who must make a choice between a heroic destiny and his lady-love, Seria.

What is the genre of this story?  Well, the adventure part of takes up a good deal.  Fantasy plays a decent part in the story, while mystery and romance have very minor roles.  I would probably classify this as a fantasy-adventure story.

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  1. Seventy thousand words, and no snippets yet, Kathryn? Ah, I am disappointed! I am most intrigued by this story from what you've told me via phone and now from this post. :)

    The Elevensies Tag is coming around again, and I'd like you to participate!


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