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For those who are interested, these are the stories which I am currently working on.  It's nice to have a lot going, so that you can switch around when one begins to get a little 'old.'

Christmas at the Tittletons
I am at 6,871 words on this, and am rewriting it as a novel from a competed play that I wrote a while ago.  It is a Historical Mystery, set in London in 1850.  The main character is Jessamine Warbling, who is narrating the story.

Lonish the Swordmaster
This one is at 29,113 words.  It's on hold as I am intent upon setting down my mystery.  It is Fantasy, set in the mythical Land of Lucor.  The main character is Modran Lonish.

The Felnarbl Murders
This is a really fun story at 3,092 words.  Also on hold for now.  This is a Mystery/Fantasy, although it does take place in our world, unlike Lonish the Swordmaster.  It occurs in the modern world, in the Felnarbl, the capital city of Astolte, a small European nation.  The main character is Princess Annika Grevenst.

The Tournament at Duscreloux
I am not certain of the exact number of words, but it is around ten thousand.  This is a Christian/Adventure novel, set in medieval times in southern France.  It is hard to tell the main character, because it definitely goes into several plots, but Marcabru, the imprisoned veteran Christian, and Celsa, the daughter of the Duke of Duscreloux, are two important characters.

The Back of Camelot House
Word count: Unknown, although somewhere around 15,000, probably.  This is a Historical Mystery novel, set in London in 1848.  The main characters are the Markinsons, a brother and sister (Richard and Rosie) who are authors and who have just discovered the body of a little girl in the back of their house.

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  1. Aha - I do this too! I like being able to hop from one story to another after reaching a goal or if I get writer's block.


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