Saturday, December 8, 2012

More About Lonish

Since coming to college, I have not been writing nearly as much as I did this summer.  I am certain that all of you college people can relate.  However, I have been getting a little bit done here and there, and recently I have dug up Lonish & Co. for a dusting.  They were so happy to see me!

I should think we were!  Leaving us all cooped up in the limbo of non-production!  Some friend you are!

Sorry, Nevarl.  I meant no harm.  Perhaps you should sometime try to get an English Ed. degree.  You need to see for yourself how much extra time I have.

Nevarl  "I hate nothing more than a Mortal Man."

Aye, for I too have a good deal of time at my disposal.

Nevarl, be nice or I will shove you back into the pages where you belong!

There, she is going to be quiet.  Thank heavens!  She is my most troublesome character, you know.  And now, some delightful snippets from Lonish the Swordmaster:

The Maiden of Rugema Ruvin slowly revived, her eyes seeing little, her head paining much.  With great difficulty she forced herself out from under the body of the Dragon.  Dismayed, her eyes fell on the apocalyptic scene about her.  The Estackam had left no living.  Cheol Ruvin bodies lay about her in heaps in the garish light of early morning.
            Birinin walked through the smoking ruins of Rugema with a sinking heart.  The beautiful houses were laid waste, the Cheol stones were broken, and everywhere Death had flung his darkening cloak.
            She found the ruins of her house, and stood there for a long while, her golden light growing paler and paler until it was almost out.
            “They are all gone, and I alone am left,” she said, letting the despair flood her deepest being.
            On the ground outside the remains of the house of the Younger Lord, she found her father’s body.  Behold, a feeble light yet glimmered in his face.  She dropped to her knees and held her father’s face in her hands.  He looked up into her blazing eyes, his own glassing over.
            “Daughter,” he said slowly, before the last of his light sputtered out.  Birinin closed her eyes and bent over her father.
            “But in the stillness of the evening there shall come a sudden attack, and the slaughter shall be great.  In that time know that the end of the Cheolame is near,” she quoted through tears.  “Beware, those that see this day.  Thou shalt not joy again for many a long season.”

~ Lonish the Swordmaster

Oln came clattering back through the forest, this time with several other Cheol Equav at his hooves.  “See, I have brought my brothers and my sister,” he neighed proudly.
            “We are most saddened by this grave day,” said one of the other Cheol Equav.  He looked very much like his brother, so much so that Lonish could barely distinguish between the two.
            “The Estackam are strengthening,” said Nevarl.  “They seek this Mortal Man.  I hate nothing more than a Mortal Man.”  She did not seem vengeful or fierce when she said this, yet Lonish could not help recoiling in disgust at her evident hatred.  “I have shed more tears in the past two days than I have shed in my entire lifetime,” she said quietly.  “Thou art the cause, Mortal Man.  Thou art the cause, and thy family.”
            Lonish resisted the urge to lash back at her.  He turned to the Cheol Equav with obvious exasperation stamped on his face and widened his eyes at them.  Oln smiled a horsely grin at Lonish and snorted.

~ Lonish the Swordmaster

Thanks for reading, and God Bless,


  1. I like them! Your book sounds wonderful! Very exciting, it has me very excited now.

  2. Wonderful post, Kathryn! Can't wait to see you in 2 weeks!!

    And I've awarded you at my blog! Please stop by!

  3. Oooh, these are great! I especially liked the last one.


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