Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Release of Christmas at the Tittletons!!!!!

For all of you who have waited patiently, a thousand thanks!  I am announcing the publication of my debut novel, Christmas at the Tittletons.  If you want to buy it, go here.

In honor of this great and exciting event, I am going to make two different blog posts.  The first will feature a tag where you will talk about your favorite historical mysteries and where people can find out about CatT.

The second will be a giveaway!  Those who participate in the tag will have five chances in the giveaway, plus there will be more ways for you to get chances.  The prize will be one free copy of my book!

Now, for the tag!

1.  What is your favorite Historical Mystery book?

Definitely The Moonstone by Wilke Collins.  The story is absolutely fascinating, and the solution is jaw-dropping.  If you have never read it, I definitely recommend it!

2.  Would you rather read a Classic or a Mystery?

I would usually pick a good murder mystery over a classic.  Mysteries are so intriguing, and they are like puzzles in book form.

3.  How do you think Christmas at the Tittletons will compare to your favorite Mystery?

Well, I'm the author, so I think that it is hardly fair for me to answer this question.  I'll let you people do it!

4.  How do you think Christmas at the Tittletons will compare to your favorite Classic?

See above!

5.  Do you think you would like to write a Historical Mystery sometime?

Well, I already did, but I plan on writing more HMs in the future!

See!  Only five questions, and you get five points for the giveaway.  Now for the rules!

1.  Please post ALL the rules.

2. Please answer ALL the questions.

3. Comment on this post when you have completed the tag and include a link to your tag post.

4. Tag five other people.

5. Let the people know that you tagged them.

6. Include a link back to this post.

And now for the five people:

1. Kiri Liz of Lianne Taimenlore

2. Jack at However Improbable

3. Kendra at Knitted by God's Plan

4. Anne-girl at Scribblings of My Pen and Tappings of My Keyboard

5. Nessima Tavariel at Arda Nessimava

Again, if you want to purchase the book or even just check it out, go to this link.

Thanks for reading and God bless,


  1. Congratulations on publishing, Kathryn!!!!!!! *throws confetti*

  2. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW AUTHOR!!!!!!!!!! And now the entire world shall know who Judith Tittleton is... er, I mean, be able to read this wonderful story. ;)

    And I got my post/tag/thingummy up! I know you know where my blog is, but you asked for the link anyway.

    PPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  3. Congratulations and welcome to the club of published indie authors. I'll come by tomorrow to teach you the secret handshake ;)

    I'm having a big party for the release of my fourth book tomorrow ... (come by and take part if thou wisheth!) but I'll try to get my tag done up on Saturday!

    Anyway, congratulations again! I'm looking forward to reading your book when I can get my hands on it!

  4. I have entered! I am so excited about this book!!!

  5. Looks very intriguing! :) I love books about Christmas and one that is a mystery! How cool!

    By the way, I'm entering the giveaway but do you have a link to your Pinterest account somewhere? I was trying to find it...

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I LOVE CatT! One of my favorites... definitely.
    And I have entered!

  7. How exciting! Congratulations on publishing! It looks like a very good book.
    Here is the link to my answers (even though you probably have no clue who I am)

  8. And here's my entry!

  9. Mine is done and posted!


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