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Beautiful People ~ Jeremy Marchmont

Once again I'm linking up with The Notebook Sisters for this month's Beautiful People post.  And the beautiful person about whom I shall be posting is the Honorable Jeremy Marchmont, or the Hon. Jeremy, as Jessamine calls him.

Poor Jeremy has a tough time of it.  His mother and Jessamine's are absolutely convinced that he and Jessamine ought to make a match of it, combining title and money.  Neither he nor the other party most concerned want to get married, but that does not stop their mothers from dreaming up all sorts of ways to bring them together.

Jeremy Marchmont, all the brother Jessamine ever had

Jeremy appears in Jessamine's mystery series which I have not yet appropriately named.

And now for the questions.

1. What does your character regret the most in their life?

Jeremy most regrets the time he encouraged Jessamine to go around solving the mystery in Scotland.  He feels that if he had not done so, Jessamine would not have almost gotten herself killed.  He feels that he too often helps her get into trouble, but he's not exactly certain how to stay out of trouble himself.

2. What is your character's happiest memory?  Most sorrowful memory?

Jeremy's happiest memory is the time he and his sister Julia spent a summer at the seashore when he was about ten.  His most sorrowful memory is when his father died a few years later.

3.  What majorly gets on your character's nerves?

Jeremy grows terribly annoyed when people do not shut things properly.  Leaving a door ajar makes him twitchy.  On a larger scale, he hates having his mother try to plan out every detail of his life.

4.  Do they act differently around people as opposed to being alone?  If so, how?

Yes, he does act differently.  When he's around a lot of people, he becomes awkward and nervous, but when he's only around a few people that he knows well he becomes a lot more comfortable and even breaks out his sense of humor.  When he's by himself he likes to draw, but he never lets anyone know about that.

St Paul's Cathedral, London - one of my favorite cathedrals
St. Paul's Cathedral
5.  What are their beliefs and superstitions (Examples: their religion or lack of one, conspiracy theories, throwing salt, fear of black cats)?

Jeremy is a Christian, and, like the rest of his family, is a member of the Church of England.  He doesn't have any particular superstitions, although at one time he was disposed to believe in ghosts.  Under the circumstances, though, you could hardly blame him.

6.  What are their catchphrases, or things they say frequently?

"But, Mother . . . !"  "Dash it all!"

7.  Would they be more prone to facing fears or running from them?

It depends on the fear.  Jeremy showed exemplary courage in the face of danger when he and Jessamine were in Scotland, but that was because he was fighting a man who was threatening both him and Jessamine.  He's not quite as brave when it comes to standing up to his mother.

8.  Do they have a good self image?

I assume that this means does Jeremy think well of himself.  No, he does not.  He always feels too pressed down, and he's certain that everything he does disappoints his mother.  Aside from that, Jeremy is a fairly humble person and would never think better of himself than he deserved.

9.  Do they turn to people when they're upset, or do they isolate themselves?

Jeremy tends to retreat into himself whenever he's upset.  He does not often show his feelings to others, possibly because no one ever wanted him to open up to them as a child.  He's always been pushed around and ordered about and never given much consideration, so he tends to be quiet about his feelings.

10.  If they were standing next to you would that make you laugh or cry?

I would probably laugh.  I like poor Jeremy, and he really can be funny.  Besides, Jeremy's not the sort of person before whom you would want to dissolve in tears.  He would be terribly awkward about it.

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  1. I'm visiting from the notebook sisters beautiful people post. I really liked hearing about Jeremy (I think he and my character would agree on several points). I hope Jeremy manages to stand up to his mother at some point!

  2. I love his frequent phrases. "But, Mother..." and "Dash it all!" It made me laugh, especially the mother one. :)

  3. *hi fives Jeremy* Why do people find it so hard just to shut the jolly doors?! DON'T LEAVE THINGS HALF DONE. *nods at OCD half* ANYWAY. Jeremy sounds like quite an interesting fellow with his "dash it". Ha! That's awesome. I'm glad he would make you laugh too. I've been mentally going through these questions for a lot of my characters and realising...gosh, most of my characters would make me cry. -_- I may need to work on this.
    Thanks for linking up with us, Kathryn!!

  4. I feel as if I can understand and relate to him

  5. He sounds great! I love his frequently said phrases, and also your answer to question 3. Big and small scale annoyances: I like it.


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