Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On Taste and Opinion

An Essay in Verse by Joan Bassington-French

Lovingly dedicated to everyone who has ever said to me, "Wow, I'm really surprised that you like ---."

Do you prefer a tragedy,
Or is comedy your thing?
Are you entranced with the blood-enhanced,
Or does your heart lie with lighter art?
Does your head refuse to bring
The feels required for copious sobs,
Instead preferring the lovely whirring
Of brainy gears beyond your years,
Though such a view innately robs
The raw emotion of gulping sighs?
And even though the way to go
Might seem so deep that thoughts might sleep
In abject boredom of the wise,
(For don't the brainy folks sit back
And think dull thoughts while drinking shots
Of over-priced and over-iced
Espresso drinks of deepest black?)
We also know the simple truth:
Yes, we believe that all must cleave
To one fixed taste, leaving the waste
Of double-minded youth.
Do you like a classic book,
Or would you rather read the blather
Called Young Adult? We are at fault,
Because if you will closely look
Into your ever-dancing brain
You'll have to see and then agree
More dreams than one have often run
Through there, and some hold reign,
But in that everlasting jumble
Please seek one view, for more won't do!
How can you talk of liking Bach
But then in lower voices mumble
That you don't mind Broadway much.
I comprehend the final end
Of Holmes the Great, but can't get straight--
Is Hamlet mad or crazed or such?
Two ideas at once confuse,
But naturally my head can see
If just a single fact won't mingle
With my highly organized muse.
In short remember one small thought
Is in the end your greater friend.
Don't think too hard; do not discard
This good advice--it's cheaply bought.
But one opinion, that's the key!
Pick humor OR a tragedy.

Thanks for reading, and God bless,

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