Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I feel Rich today!

Guess what?  I was working on my book, Lonish the Swordmaster, when I recived an email from Beth Grace of  The Musings of Me, Myself, and I... And Other Such Fantastical Nonsense, stating that she had been awarded four blog awards and was passing three of them onto me!  WOW!

The rules for this award are:
1. Put a link to who gave you this award.
2. Put the award on your post.
3. Choose five blogs to receive the award.
4. Let them know you awarded them.

Here are the five bloggers that I am awarding.

1. Kiri Liz of Lianne Taimenlore
2. Miss Elizabeth of The Country Handmaiden
3. Miss Dashwood of Yet Another Period Drama Blog
4. Hayden of The Story Girl
5. Miss Abelaine of Miss Emma Woodhouse.


  1. Thank you, dear friend! I am greatly honored!! :)

  2. Aw, you're welcome! Since you are one of my favorite bloggers I wanted give you an award, but I couldn't decide on just one, so I went with three instead! :)


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