Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Writing

So, do you wonder, "What does she write?"
Well, to tell the truth, a little bit of everything.
My first love, as writing goes, is mysteries.  This is probably because the first story that I ever wrote was a seven chapter mystery consisting of about twenty pages and an unbelievable plot.  I was ten at the time.  From there I have branched out and have about five separate mystery plots churning in my grey matter.  Also, I have written a murder mystery play entitled "Christmas at the Tittletons."  In this story, which is one of my favorites, a middle class Victorian household investigates the murder of an unknown man during their Christmas Day celebrations.

I also love to write fantasy stories, since you don't have to stick to any facts.  My current fantasy story tells of three brothers who lead a group of pioneers into the unknown Land of Lucor, a land peopled with unhuman beings such as evil fairies, dragons, frightening dragyols, noble unicorns, and the shining Cheol Ruvin, whom humans know as elves.  In order to learn how to fight these mythical creatures, the youngest brother, Modran Lonish, must accept lessons from his archenemy, Tajisscra the Fairie, one who seeks to corrupt his mind and bring humans under the power of Lucor.  Thankfully, every human has the ability to resist Lucor, although he usually doesn't know how to use it.
I also write poetry, and so I can get overly poetic sometimes.  I just have to watch myself.
Thanks for reading!

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