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Tag Interview

Here are my character's answers to Anne-girl's June Crusade Questions.  The characters answering the questions are Modran Lonish, Heleopolite Tajisscra, Elstav Hpetsen, and Nevarl Osrs.  These are the four biggest characters in my story, so they get the spotlight today.
Just so you know, Lonish is a Mortal Man, Tajisscra is a wicked, power-hungry Fairie, Elstav is the son of an elf lord and Lonish's faithful companion, and Nevarl is the daughter of another elf lord who tags along with  Lonish and Elstav, although neither of them knows why.

Do you want a hug?
Lonish: I would take one from my family, but my older brothers are more interested in teasing me, and besides, warriors such as us tend to be undemonstrative.
Tajisscra: There are none who would dare hug me.  The very thought is repulsive to me.
Elstav: I have never heard of such a thing before.
Nevarl: Neither have I.  Is it a pleasant thing, or do those wretched Mortals use it?

Do you have any kids?
Lonish: No, although Elstav's mother has predicted that I will be the ancestor of kings.  I guess that means that I will have to have kids someday.
Tajisscra: I have no children, but I hope for a son who will continue the war against Mortals with me.
Elstav: Nay.
Nevarl: And so say I.

Have you killed anyone?
Lonish: Yes, but only the enemies of my clan, the barbaric Amians.  I think I will be doing a lot more killing in this new land, but that is the way of the warrior.
Tajisscra: I have killed many, and will kill many more.
Elstav: There has been no war in my lifetime, and I have therefore killed none.
Nevarl: Nay, but I would kill the Mortals, for they spell our doom.

Love anyone?
Lonish: I love my older brothers and my friend Poldes, and I can't help loving Elstav and Nevarl for all the help they have given me, even though the elves really don't understand it.
Tajisscra: It is not in my heart to love.
Elstav: I know not what it is.
Nevarl: I feel many things, but love is a Mortal's feeling.

What is your job?
Lonish: Right now my job is to help my brother Kiltya establish a colony away from his rival, Rusalo.  I think this Land of Lucor is a good place for it.
Tajisscra: I live to serve my Lady, Diavla, but I want her place.  My job is to get it from her.
Elstav: I follow the good Master and help Lonish and defend my family.
Nevarl: My job is to become a ruler among the Cheol Ruvin someday, but I am more interested in finding out about the dreaded Mortals

What are you going to do when this tag is over?
Lonish: I am going to Legrolie to warn the Mortals that the Fairies will probably attack them.
Tajisscra: I am going to attack Legrolie.
Elstav: I am going to get my older sister, Birinin, to make me some arrows.
Nevarl: I am going to persuade Lonish and Elstav to let me come along with them.

What is your greatest fear?
Lonish: I am not allowed to know fear.
Tajisscra: Arglai, the younger sister of Diavla.  She is far more powerful, and where Diavla could never destroy me fully, Arglai could.
Elstav: I never thought about it before, but I think my greatest fear is losing my father's respect.
Nevarl: Mortality.

What do you think of your parents?
Lonish: I am honored to have the parents that I did.  My father was the greatest Blademan in the world and a wise ruler as well, and my mother was a beautiful lady who gave up her good family name to marry my father, a poor warrior.  She was also a really good cook.  I was very sad when they died in an Amian attack, but my brothers and I avenged their deaths.
Tajisscra: My parents?  Well, they had me.
Elstav: Father is a goodly warlord and mother is a lady of ancient knowledge.  They are the perfect parents.
Nevarl: My father expects the most of me because I am the oldest, and my mother never thinks much of me because she has several younger daughters.  I think they are good parents, but I wish they would pay a little more attention to me.

Any siblings?
Lonish: My brothers, of course.  I also have one sister, who married Kiltya's rival, Rusalo.  That broke up the family a little.
Tajisscra: No.
Elstav: I have one older sister and three younger brothers.  I think highly of Birinin and lowly of the others, but only because they are always playing pranks on others.
Nevarl: I have five younger siblings, but the youngest was kidnapped by Diavla long ago.  As for the others, I have one brother who gets rather annoying at times and three sisters I am not very close to.

Eye color?
Lonish: I have been told that my eyes are grey-blue.
Tajisscra: Any person who knows anything knows that a Fairie's eyes are black.
Elstav:  My eyes are blue.
Nevarl: As are mine.  All Cheol Ruvin have blue eyes.

Are you good or bad?
Lonish: I think I am good.  At least, I try.  I am fighting evil, so that is a start.
Tajisscra: I am pure evil and I know it.
Elstav: I, lie all the Cheol Ruvin, am good, but I am not perfect.
Nevarl: We have a problem with getting along with ourselves.  Otherwise we would be perfect.

Favorite season?
Lonish: Most definitely summer, when the days are ripe for adventure.
Tajisscra: I have no favorite season.  The thought would never have crossed my mind if you had not so impudently mentioned it.
Elstav: I prefer spring above the other seasons.  The new growing things remind us of the promise of Mortals who will someday defeat the evil Lucor.
Nevarl: Where you got that parallel I shall never know.  And my favorite season is summer.

Who is your best friend?
Lonish: Poldes.  Even if he is older than I, we have been inseparable for years.
Tajisscra: If you do not know that I would not deign to have a friend, then you have not paid attention to my previous answers to these insufferable interview questions.
Elstav: Devrogm and Lonish.  Even though Devrogm is your younger brother, Nevarl, and you have been extremely rude during this entire interview.
Nevarl: Well, I think this interview is an unspeakably dull idea in the first place.  And I don't think I have a best friend, although Birinin is usually nice to me.  She is about the only one, though.

Lonish: Don't tell Kiltya, but his wife Laiarol has been teaching me to cook.  I really like it, but I know I will get teased to death when he finds out.
Tajisscra: I enjoy watching the monthly Dragon fights that we have at Ribigalitorre.
Elstav: My hobby is singing, even though Nevarl has a much better voice than I.  Singing makes me feel so happy.
Nevarl: If you said that to calm me down, I tell you I won't be calmed down.  My hobby is watching the stars at night, since we all seem to have such unimaginative hobbies.  I might as well join the rest of you.

Do you care what others think of you?
Lonish: Yes.  I want my brothers to be proud of me for the legendary fighting that I wish I could do.  I want to be respected as a great warrior.
Tajisscra: Yes.  I want others to tremble in fear when my name is mentioned.
Elstav: The only thing I want others to think of me is that I am a just creature.
Nevarl: I care nothing for the opinion of others.

Was this interview fun?
Lonish: Actually, it was.  I hope we can do this again sometime.
Tajisscra: I would prefer to use a different word to describe this interrogation process.
Elstav: I enjoyed telling others about myself, although I hope that I don't have to again.
Nevarl: It was NOT fun.  Whoever came up with the idea ought to be banished to the pit of Solmar.

Sorry this took so long to get out.  Nevarl and Tajisscra were pretty stubborn about giving their answers.  Actually, I have been extremely busy the past four days, and that is what is the real reason that this is out late.  Anyway, thanks for reading.

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  1. Loved reading this interview, dear friend! Putting your characters through all the questions really let you get to know them in a whole new way!! :)
    By the way, I've tagged you in a Famous Women of Films post over at my blog! If you'd like to participate, be sure to stop by! :)


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