Monday, July 2, 2012

Hanging my head in shame

As I stand amid the throng of of exultant ladies who actually finished their June Crusade novels, I can't help but be a bit ashamed that I did not finished.  My meter is right at the top for all to see.
However, I did try, and at least I have the excuse that I started late, over a week into the crusade, in fact.  And I was busy overall.  I must say, though, CONGRATULATIONS to all who completed the task.  You have only inspired me to push on.
And, by the way, I will never be able to finish the story with fifty thousand words.  Never.  It will probably take more than twice that, as it is getting to be quite involved and I have not even introduced all of the characters yet.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. My dear friend... I doubt if I,too, will ever get a story down in fifty thousand words. Once you get writing, it seems like such a small number. Oddly enough. :)

    And I'm glad I could have been an inspiration for you!! I'm eager to read your own story once it's all finished!


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