Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Red Sky in the Morning

This morning I was the witness to the most amazing sight, which I wish I had gotten pictures of, but did not.
It was about 5:30 a.m., and I was sleeping when I was awakened by a deafening crash of thunder that literally shook the whole house.  I do not normally enjoy thunderstorms when I am trying to sleep, but I noticed that there was an unusual light coming in through my windows, so I went and looked out through the blinds.  It was dawn, just as the round of the sun was coming over the horizon, which we can't see because there are woods in the way.  The Hidden Orchards, to be exact.
The sky to the south was filmed over with clouds and was blood red.  Literally.  It was beautiful and eerie at the same time.  Lightning and thunder crashed to the west.  This picture is close to, but not exactly like, what I saw this morning.  It was so weird!  Yet I don't think that  many could have seen a lovelier sky than I saw this morning.
In a few moments the grey storm clouds swallowed the red of the sky, and the downpour began.  It was over in a moment, but it will be very hard to find a sight so lovely or eerie again.
Funny how we travel all around the country in search of beautiful scenery, and it turns up right outside of our bedroom windows when we least expect it.
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