Monday, July 30, 2012

My Interview with Laban Squeed and Hugh Tittleton

Well, here we are again.  Laban Squeed and Hugh Tittleton are next in line for the interviews.  (I'm doing them in twos.)  This is actually an interview that occurred quite a while ago but never made it to the blog.  Here it is!

The Interview
Me: Good day, gentlemen!  What is this I hear about you two being great friends?  How did this come about, especially since Mr. Squeed is four or so years older than Hugh?
Hugh: I'm not really sure.  We just met each other one day at Cambridge.  I think that I lent Squeed some money, and he just stuck to me after that.
Laban: I believe that our friendship started when I lent you a textbook, but far be it from me to oppose you.
Hugh: By the way, Squeed, did you ever pay that loan back?  I think you still owe me four pounds.
Me: Moving on...

Me: Miss Warbling has begun writing an account of the mysterious happenings at Christmastime.  I've seen some of it, and she really doesn't present either of you in a favorable light.  How does it make you feel to know that the public could be looking down on you?
Laban: I have met Miss Warbling but once: at Tittleton House during Christmas.  I think that this is hardly enough time to judge my full character.
Me: She thinks it was plenty of time.  After all, you were all cooped up together for several days.
Hugh: Well, how could she present me in an unfavorable light?  What is there about me that is unfavorable?
Me: Would you like a list?
Hugh: Please, Miss Barrett, I think that we have gone far enough with this jest.
Me: Mr. Tittleton, we have only just begun.

Me: Do you look at people differently since being involved in such gruesome circumstances?
Hugh: I guess I get a little jumpy around strangers now.  I wonder about people more than I did before.
Laban: I have always thought that people were dull creatures, and I have not yet changed my mind.

Me: Are you interested in reading Miss Warbling's story?
Hugh: Actually, I rather an interested.  I want to know what she thought about everything, and anyway, it was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me.  It will be interesting to read it over again.
Laban: I really could not care less about Miss Warbling or her book.  I could tell that she held a strong aversion against me, and so her prejudiced imagination will probably embellish the facts.
Me: I don't know about that.  Miss Warbling was very anxious to be accurate.  I don't know why everyone seems to think that she would embellish the facts.
Hugh: Please, Miss Barrett, I think we know Miss Warbling pretty well.  She embellishes facts.
Me: Well, if you say so.  Even then, her story is still exciting.

Me: Do you have the same friends that you had before Christmas, or are they avoiding you now?
Laban: I am not a great one for friends, but people definitely do not wish to be near me now.
Hugh: Yes, I think that most people edge away from me when they find out who I am.  It's a bit annoying, although I think I am getting a bit more used to it.

Me: Do you deserve any special pity for what you went through?
Hugh:  It could have happened to anyone, but it just happened to us.  I don't think we need any sympathy for it.
Laban: Why would you even ask that question?
Me: I just wondered.

Me: Do you feel closer to your family now that you have gone through such distressing times?
Laban: I have never been close to family, and now I think I'm farther from them than ever.
Hugh: I am definitely closer to at least some members of my family.  Judith and I are certainly closer than ever before.
Me: Well, thanks for answering all these kind of random questions.  See you later!

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  1. I love reading these interviews, my dear friend! Sir John's and his wife's interview was fantastic, as was this! Laban Squeed... he's just a character you *have* to raise your eyebrows at. :)

    I can't wait to read more interviews, especially Judith's!! ;)

    1. Vanity of vanities, my dear friend and CBC! :)
      I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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