Friday, July 13, 2012

Characters I Love, Part 4

These are my own brain-children, but they are most definitely misbehaving!  Here is my fourth and last installment--the best of the worst!  They are my personal favorites of the MANY villains which I've made up.

This is Heleopolite Tajisscra, at least as close as I could get.  Add wings and pointed ears, and you would get the idea.  Although, after the days of Modran Lonish, Tajisscra does hide his wings.  Tajisscra is evil, power-hungry, and full of himself.  He doesn't care who he uses or steps on to get one step higher.  And he has no respect for life, probably because he is Immortal.  But that is no excuse, for even the Cheol Ruvin are respectful of Mortal life.  Tajisscra's just bad.
This is most frustrating!  I have no idea how to upload this picture of Laban Squeed, one of my villains.  Perhaps you are wondering the significance of the watch and chain.  Well, in Christmas at the Tittletons, Squeed keeps playing with his watch chain, and that drives Miss Warbling nuts!  Mr. Squeed is a sleazy, red-headed young man with a bad habit of worming his way into rich families.  He does more than that, but if you want to find out what, you will have to wait, because I am not giving away my whole plot!
This is Sir Azemar, a knight who competes in The Tournament at Duscreloux.  Originally in the service of Lady Celsa, he turns on her and tries to hunt her down and kidnap her, thinking that her father will pay a large ransom for her.  Little does he know...but I had better not talk about that now!  Azemar is a hardened man, and although he seems like a mere poor knight, he is actually an evil man with big plans.
This is Valric, the evil Nordic Chieftain in a story that is far along but unnamed as of now.  The story is set in medieval France and Scandinavia, and Valric destroys an entire castle-full of men in a completely unfair battle, then kidnaps the women and children, just to avenge an old grievance.  Valric is a coward at heart as well.  He has no sense of humor, and that alone is enough to put him in the villain class!
Thanks to those who have read this whole series!  Now, it's time to tag some people so that everyone can take a part in this.  To those who are tagged, here are the rules:
1. State the rules!
2. Post four posts about your sixteen favorite fictional characters, including four good and four bad each from novels you have read and stories you have written/are writting.
3. Tag three new people when you are finished and comment to let them know that you've tagged them.

And I am tagging:

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  1. I enjoyed reading about all your "lovable" characters, Kathryn! And, ah! I've been tagged! I'll do my best to scrounge up some characters to post about!! :)

  2. Kathryn, thank you for tagging me! I'd love to take the challenge! It will probably be a few days until I can do the posts because I'm having computer problems right now and my access will be sporadic until it all is untangled.

    I'm really enjoying reading about your stories and characters!


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