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I'm dreaming of a white summer...

Because everything is brown and dry right now.  That is why I am enjoying writing about the chilling subject of falling snowflakes in Christmas at the Tittletons.  What a fabulous day to talk about the characters!  Here is a complete character list.

The Family

Sir John and Lady Tittleton:
Sir John is the owner of Tittleton House, a sumptuous London mansion.  He is a wealthy baronet, and he is cheerful and generous.  Lady Tittleton, his wife, is a philanthropist of the first class, not to mention nervous in a laughable sort of way.  They love their children dearly, and would do anything for them short of murder.

Judith Tittleton:
Unfortunately for her parents, Judith is a headstrong girl with an inquisitive nature which is sure to lead her into trouble as she tries to investigate the strange happenings.  Judith can't be happy until she knows the whole truth, but there are those who think that to be uninformed is better than to be dead.  The only problem is that Judith really doesn't take the advice of others.

Hugh Tittleton:
Hugh is a college student with a peculiar taste in friends, or so his sister thinks.  The oldest son of Sir John and Lady Tittleton is steadier than he appears.  He enjoys helping the Inspector investigate, although whether or not the Inspector is as delighted remains to be seen.

Penelope Tittleton:
Because Penelope is only eleven years old, she is often disregarded.  She has, however, big ears and a memory of deadly accuracy.  Maybe she heard just a little to much against the people she loved most in the world, and that's why she has a dash of fear perpetually stamped on her otherwise ladylike features.

James, Abigail, and William Tittleton:
These are the youngest children of  Sir John and Lady Tittleton.  They provide no end of trouble to their governess, and are little angels in their mother's eyes.

The Friends

Jessamine Warbling:
Miss Warbling is a young lady with a flair for fashion, a legendary fortune, and an urge for writing.  Behind her apparently intelligence-less face lies a brain of considerable magnitude.  She is best friends with Judith, and it's all she can do to keep that girl out of trouble.  It's just like Judith, though, to push Jessamine to investigation after she is forbidden that joy.

Laban Squeed:
Hugh's college friend, Laban Squeed, is more than just an objectionable acquaintance.  The only question is, what else is wrong with his besides his fashion sense?

The Help

This impeccable butler is the epitome of respectability, but Jessamine thinks he has a bad habit of talking to himself when he doesn't know that anyone is listening.

Mrs. Purdle:
This good lady is none other than the trustworhty housekeeper.  Of course, you would not expect Lady Tittleton to hire any other kind, now would you?

Miss Hatchet:
Judith and Jessamine both agree that Miss Elizabeth hatchet is the most mysterious person in the house.  She is the governess, but with her pale face, mousy brown hair, and habit of turning her face away  from people, they think she is a good suspect for murder.

May Aston:
She's just Aston to the residents of Tittleton House.  She is the little waitress, but she has a big mouth.  Her only problem is that Miss Hatchet saw her in most incriminating circumstances.

Carlton and Rodgers:
Carlton and Rodgers are the footmen, always lurking about somewhere in the house.

Lydia the Cook:
That is what everyone calls her, and I think her name is pretty self-explanatory.

Brunhilde, Pruggery, and Ellen:
These last three are the upstairs maid, parlor maid, and scullery maid, respectively.

The Outsiders

Bob Able:
One of the more mysterious characters.  No one can understand why a street urchin such as he would actually turn himself in.  Especially when it is impossible for him to have killed the dead man.

Mr. Jarbour:
His dead body is discovered on Christmas day in the Alley behind Tittleton House.  What it is doing there no one can tell.

The Law

Inspector Fionn:
The good Inspector has little patience, but he manages to hide that fact from most people.  His odd ways of detecting don't make him incompetent, even though most of the Tittletons are inclined to think of him thusly.

The Policemen:
A good many policemen are guarding Tittleton House, but not necessarily to keep people from entering.

This is a full and complete list of all the characters in Christmas at the Tittletons.
By the way, Happy Birthday, ABC (Aunt by Contract)!  Today is my CBCs' mother's birthday!

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  1. Ah, tsk, tsk, Judith! Not taking the advice of others? And however shall poor Jessamine keep you out of trouble? ;)


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