Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Characters I Love, Part 1

In almost every book that I have read, there are characters that stand out, characters that I love above other characters.  In stories I read and stories I write, there is usually one character especially that I wish I could get to know better.
For instance, in Jane Austen's Emma, I really, really, like the character of Jane Fairfax.  She is always so sweet, and when I was reading the book, I found myself wishing that I could get to know her better.  My mother told me that there is actually a fairly good book called Jane Fairfax, and that is Jane's side of the story, so I want to read it sometime.

Another character that I found especially exceptional is Sydney Carton from A Tale of Two Cities.  I could not put that book down, and although I originally thought that Carton was going to be a bad guy, he turned out to be a very noble man.  I found myself feeling very sorry for him, and although he was part of a so-called 'love triangle,' I still liked his character.  I have never seen any movies of A Tale of two Cities, but I hope they make a really good version of it sometime.
Samwise Gamgee is one of my favorite characters of all time.  He is so loyal, so loving, and so courageous, that he is one character that I wish I could meet in person.  (Not the actor, mind you, the character.)  He is never selfish, and always thinks of Frodo, even when Frodo behaves in an absolutely hideous manner to him.    Although this is not in the books, I thought that the saddest part in all three of the movies was when Gollum persuaded Frodo into believing that Sam had thrown the lembas bread over the cliff and Frodo leaves Sam sobbing on the mountainside. By this time I would have been pretty sick of Frodo always defending Gollum, and I would have left and gone home, but Sam was noble enough to go and rescue Frodo.  Sam is just so NICE!
And of course, I simply must put up Hercule Poirot, everyone's favorite Belgian Detective.  I LOVE the Hercule Poirot books, my favorite being Murder on the Orient Express.  He is so funny and ridiculous, but he always ends up making everyone else look foolish because he is really so smart.  If you have never read one of these books, I would strongly encourage you to do so, while watching out for some inappropriate language and content, which I black out when I read the books.
This is my first installment of my favorite characters.  Next time I'll post about villainous characters that I love!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Samwise the Brave! One of the best characters in LOTR!! :)

    Argh, my dear Kathryn! Stop posting about A Tale of Two Cities! I have not yet been able to get my hands on a copy, and your every mention of it just increases my desire to read it! Alas! But I'm into Nicholas Nickleby, and hopefully that will hold me over until I can get A Tale of Two Cities. :)


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