Thursday, July 12, 2012

Characters I Love, part 3

Now it's time to talk about the good characters that I like from stories that I have written.  This could go on and on and on, so I'll try to limit myself.  I promise there really are some characters that I have created which I positively hate, but they are not here.
When I saw this picture, I knew that it was Laiarol, the wife of Modran Kiltya.  She is loyal and obedient, but she loves her husband so much that she would simply be unable to continue life without him, so she fights  beside him.  She turns out to be vengeful as her character develops, but her loyalty to her husbands family prompts her to do a very brave thing for her dying brother-in-law, which I won't tell but which is extremely important.

This is Inspector Fionn, one of my favorite characters EVER.  He is the chief investigator in Christmas at the Tittletons, and although I intended for him to be a mere secondary character, he has quickly taken the spotlight and is one of my favorites!  He seems to be incompetent at first, asking questions of the children and letting out 'secrets,' but his methods are carefully calculated to catch the murderer.
Marcabru is a veteran Christian in my story The Tournament at Duscreloux.  Tortured in a dungeon for his strong beliefs, Marcabru remains faithful to God and is an encouragement to the other Christians in the dungeon with him.  Even the threat of being burned alive at the stake does not cause him to give up his Christianity.  I really like him because of his faith in God and his overall steadfastness.
Guess who?  Well, actually, most of you haven't heard of her before, but she exists all the same.  So far she's only figured as the main character in one short story, The Jewels of Bassone.  But actually, she's the niece of Lonish, the only child of Modran Mitrai.  Some call her Marie of Legrolie, others, the residents of Bassone mostly, call her Nariethiel Derethere, but she is best known among Mortals and Lucor alike as Marie the Clever.  She might look like a plain farm girl, but she has "the cleverest head found north of the L'Osseilles' to quote her cousin, Jamolon.  I am planning to write Marie the Clever as a sequel to Lonish the Swordmaster, so you'll probably hear more of her.  I like her because she uses wits rather than weapons to defeat the Fairies.  She never lets her circumstances drag her down.
Hope you enjoyed the third installment.  Tomorrow comes the fourth and last: Characters I have made up that I love to hate!
Thanks for reading.

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