Friday, June 8, 2012

In the World of Fantasy

First of all, thank you, my new followers, for joining my blog.  It's encouraging, in the least.

Sooo, maybe you, like many people I know, wonder what the attraction is in fantasy.  I would have to say that the attraction is its versatility.  You don't have to stick to facts or formula!  Epic Win!

My brother, Count Bob, and I have made up an entire fantasy world, which as of yet is nameless.  We have named the countries in the world, though.  The main country is Torte, a huge empire ruled by Princess Loren D'Nore and her Wraiths, five people who are extremely well-versed in various arts of warfare.  Another main country is Korvask, a large southern country ruled by the cruel King Slograv.  Amia is a country of barbarians, called the shorthairs because they keep their hair cut so short.  These fierce tribes are ruled by the Daulot family.  Lor, originally the Land of Lucor, is a beautiful seaside nation ruled by half-human, half-elf King Rustrasken, whose ancestor happens to be Modran Lonish, one of the great heroes of Lor.  Lor's greatest hero, though, is a young girl of about twenty years, named Marie of Legrolie, also called Marie the Clever, also called Nariethiel Derethere.  Another country is the viking-like land of Skovaar, ruled by the berserk King Bantilisk.  However, the adventures in our fantasy world are not limited to the land.
Years before even the ancients, Modran Lonish and Marie the Clever, roamed the earth, the evil Lady of Ribigalitorre, ruler of Lucor, angered by the audacity of men, who had dared to kill her favorite dragon, cursed a whole family to live in the World Below, a land peopled by the dark Mers and other dreadful creatures.  The people called their land Sestravae, and they lived there, fighting the Mers, sharks, squid, and other mythical creatures.
Believe it or not, the Sestravaens grew webbed feet and hands, green hair, and blue complexions, and they rescued unfortunate prisoners that the King of Korvask had thrown into the sea.
So, now do you wonder what is so great about fantasy?  It's great when you simply need to let your imagination run wild!
Why not try it sometime!  Just don't forget the real world when you're in the middle of fighting dragons and Mers!
Thanks for reading!

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