Thursday, June 21, 2012

June Crusade stuff, I guess

I haven't really posted much about my June Crusade novel, Lonish the Swordmaster, so here is a little bit about it.

Favorite Characters
1. Laiarol of L'Osseilles--She's the sister-in-law of Lonish, and the daughter of a barbarian.  She really loves her husband, Modran Kiltya, the leader of the settlement, and she fights beside him because she cannot bear to be alive if he is dead.  I like her because she has such a varied personality.  She is both feminine and fierce, depending on the situation.  The main point in her character is that she does NOT want to turn back or give up, EVER.

2. Elstav Hpetsen--He's the eldest son of the Younger Lord of the Cheol Ruvin.  He goes with Modran Lonish to the encampment of Mortal Men in order to prove that the Cheol Ruvin, or elves, exist.  He prefers to be alone or with only one or two others, but he is very loyal to Lonish because Lonish saved the elves from a monthly curse.  I like him because of his strength and nobility.  The main point in his character is that he is a loner.

3. Oln--This character is not yet in the story, but I already love him.  He is a talkative, emphatic Cheol Equav, or unicorn.  Even though his kind are doomed, he is a very optimistic character.  He seems to be a vain creature, but he turns out to be a very brave fighter, always  good to have in a pinch.  I like him because he is so ridiculously talkative.  The main point in his character is his optimism.

4. Modran Kiltya--I really love this character.  He is the horribly disfigured older brother of my protagonist.  He is a steadfast leader, and he takes his job very seriously.  However, he is always ready for a good joke.  He loves his wife and wants to protect her, but he knows that her heart will break if he is killed, so he lets her fight beside him.  He can't stand cowardice, and he desperately wants to follow in his famous father's footsteps.  I like him because he is such a good leader.  When he is at a loss, he always listens to the advice of others.  The main point in his character is his desire to be a good leader.

5. Heleopolite Tajisscra--Even though he is the servant to the evil Lady of Ribigalitorre, he is the main bad guy, as well as one of my favorite characters.  This Fairie is desirous of the power that his ruler holds, so he tries to use Modran Lonish to defeat her.  He pretends to be good to gain Lonish's trust, but he only sees his destruction.  I like Tajisscra because he is a cunning character, easy to hate.  He is even worse than his ruler, and she is pretty bad.  The main point in Tajisscra's character is his lust for power.

6. Nevarl Osrs--She's the eldest daughter of the Elder Lord of the Cheol Ruvin.  Her character is enigmatic and contradictory, and Lonish and Elstav cannot figure her out.  She puzzles them throughout the entire story, and it is only at the end that her odd behavior is explained.  She is a timid of fighting at first, but she soon becomes skilled in the use of the javelin and a renowned warrior.  I like her because no one can figure her out.  It's always fun to have a mysterious character.  The main point of her character is that she is resentful against the Mortals, because their coming spells the doom of Lucor, which the Cheol Ruvin are a part of.

I am really enjoying writing this, and I am very much into it.  Please leave comments and tell me what you think about these characters.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I like them! They sound like a lot of fun, and I want to meet them a lot. What is the book about? I think I missed the post, if there was one, telling about it.


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