Monday, July 14, 2014

Me and my Addled Brain

"She is too fond of books, and it has addled her brain."  ~ Louisa May Alcott

This is basically me.  I'm reading about eight different books right now, which is great except that when you are following that many stories you sort of walk around in a daze all day unless you are reading.  

Funny Calvin and Hobbes
This is what happens when you read two murder mysteries in close succession while simultaneously going through a Charlotte Bronte novel and a history of the Third Reich, not to mention a few other lesser books in the mix.

Hence, do not expect any great intellectual revelations from me today.  Don't ask if I got any writing done during the weekend.


That's a funny joke.  My weekend was spent go-carting with my college and career Sunday school class.  I don't get out much, so this was a different sort of experience for me.  Most of my Saturdays are spent huddled up in my room listening to music and reading or writing.  I don't get a lot of human interaction.  This Saturday was chock full of human interaction at a so-called fun park.

The problem with me and go-carts is that I keep my foot all the way down on the gas pedal the whole time.  That's hard on the arms, because you have to make such quick movements with the steering mechanism.  I don't call it a wheel, because it was shaped like a square.  I felt like Cruella De Vil, screeching my wheels around all the turns.
Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians).
Me in a go-cart
Actually, go-carts are quite thrilling, and I would do them again if I wasn't worried about the permanent muscular damage I might inflict upon my arms.

My plans for this week are nil as of right now.  I just hope to finish at least three of the books I'm currently in so as to lower the intensity at which my brain is working.  Of course, I am hoping to make some progress on The Cat of Lake Gellara, too.  I'm currently in the middle of introducing some shepherds into the story.  I finally got Owen out of the woods where he had been stuck for some time.  Poor fellow.

I've done so much brainstorming for this story.  Writing a fairy tale like The White Cat, which basically runs on magic, without magic is a challenge extraordinaire.  I'm realizing that I have to explain everything that happens in the story without magic.  It's hard, but it gets me to thinking, and it is fun in the long run.  I'm just wondering how I can explain the dragon in the story.  That's one little detail I haven't worked out yet.

Thanks for reading, and God bless,


  1. YOU???? IN A GO-CART???? Why did I miss this??? ;D

    Good luck with your reading, though. Your mom told us a little bit about the Third Reich book you're going through, and it sounds intense. I'm only doing one... or two books right now, so I'm taking it easy right now. Too much to write to read much at the moment.

    So, we had a very nice time with your family and Kayla and her parents this weekend. You might have been absent, but I assure you were in the thoughts of everyone. Can't wait to see you NEXT MONTH! :D

  2. Hah! That gif of Cruella (or well, you in a go kart) was priceless!! I giggled a little at at that. Ahh, writing is hard. But why write magic and not make it magic?? Sounds like a lot of extra work. *shrugs* I ADORE that Calvin strip though! Yes, why do books do that?? Cheeky little things. ;)

    1. Good question about the magic. While I have put magic in other stories, I want to see what I can do with this one, which is chock full of magic in the original tale. It's my own personal challenge, in a way. It's a stretch, and a very long stretch, of my imagination.


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