Sunday, November 11, 2012

Arda and Srlago

Arda and Srlago at the Schlezimein ruins
Were ever two less alike?  The sister and brother that figure first in my story The Daulots are definitely not the closest in personality.  With my characteristic bigotry, I made Srlago, the boy, the steady, sensible, clever, likable, courageous one.  Arda, on the other hand, is scatterbrained, know-it-all, and sometimes she is really annoying.  She is one of those characters that really gets on my nerves.  She refuses to take advice and is always trying to push the limit, whereas Srlago makes it a point to ask for help and is always ready to take others advice.  In a way, they are the perfect companions, because they sort of balance each other out.  Alone, Srlago would be vulnerable to the crafty devices of so-called friends; Arda provides enough suspicion to get them through potentially tough situations.  Alone, Arda would stubbornly refuse to get anywhere even if she thought she was working hard; Srlago has enough common sense to know when to turn to someone else for help.
Arda during the flight to Eltra
When they were younger, they had to flee to the mountain refuge of Eltra for safety.  Now that they're both ten years older, their uncle Mendan has sent them both on a mission--they're to penetrate Slograv's castle and prepare the way for an all-out attack.
Srlago during the flight to Eltra
Of course, nothing goes the way that it is planned.  The first problem is that Arda and Kalai look so much alike.  The only way to get around that problem is to disfugure Arda's face. (I can't wait to get to that scene!)  Unfortunately, you won't see any pictures because there aren't any that I have seen of Arda just the way I imagine her face to be when Srlago gets through with her.
One of the other interesting elements that I forgot to mention is that Slograv and Kalai had a son.  He's five at the time of the story.  I haven't given him a name yet, but that will come.  He's really important.  By the way, I made a poster for the book.  What do you think?

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  1. A brother and sister team! How exciting! I am eager to learn more of them. And I like the poster. It is very nice and well done.

  2. Excellent post! Check out my blog... you've been tagged!


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