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Loren D'Nore

Thanksgiving Break is in THREE (3, III) days!
And here is a post about Princess Loren from The Daulots.

Loren is sixteen at the time of The Daulots.  Her father is the reigning monarch of Torte, but even though she is next in line to the throne, she is physically weak and most people don't think that she would be a good ruler.  Many of Torte's leaders think that Elizabeth, who is ten, healthy, and possessing a strong personality, might try to take the country for herself when the king dies.
When Zame Jadrez, the most pwerful man in Torte, stumbles across a group of weak, recently escaped Amian boys, he learns of a plot hatched by Slograv to take over the great kingdom of Torte.  Part of that plan includes killing both Loren and Elizabeth.  It's at this time that Loren has to prove herself strong, even though she can barely lift her father's sword or stay conscious in a crowd
 One really good thing about Loren is that she loves to read, especially fairy tales and old legends.  Because of this, when Srlago sends a desperate message for help, Loren knows exactly where to turn, even though she can't ride a horse or shoot a bow.

I really do like Loren.  I wanted to create a character exactly opposite from the stereotypical warrior, bow-and-arrow princess that is in so much of our modern fantasy fiction.  Even Arda won't be doing much fighting.  Kalai certainly won't be fighting, and Enlavaria only fights in one battle and that is an emergency.  The mysterious sister fights, but that is her whole job in the first place.  Most of the actual fighting in The Daulots is done by the men.  I wanted to give the whole story an air of chivalry and have the men do the fighting and the women sit in the castles and do everything else.  I wanted to give The Daulots a knight and lady approach, and that is actually a little harder to do than you might imagine.  The temptation is great to give Arda a bow and finally allow Loren to lift a sword, but I am not going to do so.
By the way, here is Slograv and Kalai's son:
What do you think of him?  I still don't have a name for him, but he does seem like he could be a villain's little boy, doesn't he?
ooohhh yes
Slograv, except that he should have black hair

Kalai (She would have been Queen of Amia one way or another.)

Let me expand on that caption under Kalai's picture.  She was betrothed to marry the rightful king of Amia before Slograv kidnapped her.  Of course, she didn't really like her conceited cousin at all, but she likes Slograv even less.  We shall see what comes out of that!

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  1. A girl who cannot lift a sword. I am so tired of the girls who save the stupid men who don't know which end of the arrow to use, this sounds wonderful! A girl who lets men help her, men who are actually men.
    Now I really wish to read your book.

  2. Sleeping and writing around the holidays sounds delightful. I hope you are able to do both!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it is a blessed one!


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