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The Daulots: Main Character List!

Here it is!  The main character list for The Daulots, as well as pictures for some of them.

When I saw this picture, I knew that I had found my two main characters:  Arda and Srlago Daulot.  They are a brother and sister, children of the Royal House of Amia.  Somehow I can't separate them, so it was appropriate that they should be together in this picture.


Meet Slograv the Korvaskian, the villain and invader of Amia.  Imagine him with black eyes.  (You probably have an idea of how impossible it is to find exact pictures.)  Slograv is one of those people that you sort of like even though he is rotten clean through.  He has taken over Amia, and he has also kidnapped and married

 Kalai Daulot, also of the Royal and older sister to family Arda and Srlago.  But Slograv's injustices have also extended to the commoners, including                                                                     

 Timotheus, the son of an Amian barbarian warrior, who has been suffering for ten years at the hand of his conqueror.  Now Slograv is about to use Timotheus for his own ends, which include taking over the rich and powerful nation of Torte.  Part of the plan includes killing the two daughters of the king,
  Loren and Elizabeth D'Nore.
   Now the greatest hope for Amia and Torte seems to be Maldr Daulot, the rightful heir to the throne of Amia.  The only problem is...Maldr doesn't want to accept help from those who can help him.  Maldr is proud and unforgiving.  Maldr is as unfamiliar to the meaning of mercy as Slograv, which is pretty sad if you think about it.

 Also important is Enlavaria Daulot, the cousin of Maldr and Arda, Srlago, and Kalai.  She has shorter hair than that, though.  In case you're wondering how this family works, Maldr has three brothers.  He's the son of the king who was killed in the invasion of Amia.  Then there's Kalai, Arda, and Srlago's dad, who was also killed. He was the king's brother.  Enlavaria's dad is still alive; he's the youngest of the three brothers and his name is Mendan.  I don't have a picture of him just yet.  I do have a picture of Eltra, though, which is the retreat of the Daulots when they were running from the Korvaskinas.  This is a place in the mountains that is so well hidden that there is hardly any way for the Korvaskians to find them.
 Don't forget Kabiak!  He's Slograv's general and right-hand-man.  In some ways he is worse than his ruler.  Kabiak is selfish, evil, and thoroughly disgusting in every way.  He even has horrible table manners, which is going to add to an important (hopefully funny) scene in the novel.

In the end, a mysterious brother and sister come to Amia in response to a desperate message sent out by Srlago.  The only problem is, the rest of the Daulots need to learn to swallow their pride and accept the help of others if they are truly going to be free.

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  1. They sound quite interesting. I'm afraid I have to contend with you over the first two pictures though, since I have them pinned to characters of my own. Coincidentally, the characters I think of on the first one are also inseparable siblings. That picture's just so siblingy, isn't it?

    Your characters all sound so interesting, I'm eager to hear more!

    1. I agree about the siblings. Sorry for the unintentional copycatism. I didn't know that you were already using that photo.
      (When I saw it, I almost screamed, "That's Arda and Srlago!")

    2. Hehe, oh, I don't mind. I'm sure I stole it from someone else who had someone else in mind when they saw the picture, and it's probably from some movie or TV show ... The second picture I went to its source, and it was a portrait commissioned for a character named Rand. So, anyways ...

  2. Kathryn's posting more about her newest story!! Huzzah!! I think I squealed when I saw this post in my blogger dashboard. :D

    Most intriguing, my dear friend. Great pictures. I think I have most of these pics pinned to my character inspiration board on Pinterest. I'm very interested in hearing more on Arda and Srlago, for, as you know, twins hold a special place in my heart. ;) And the mysterious siblings who answer calls for help? Ah! Must know more!!

    1. Sorry, I did steal most of these pictures from your Pinterest board. But you have such a great collection...
      Also, Arda and Srlago aren't twins. I should have clarified that. Arda is two years older than Srlago, and Kalai is seven years older than Arda. So Kalai is 24 in the story, Arda is 17, and Srlago is 15. Sorry to burst that special place in your heart!
      By the way, you might recognize the mysterious brother and sister when you finally get to know them! They are part of a legend...

    2. Oh, bother... I'm always making twins up even when there aren't twins to begin with. But my special place in my heart (that sounds weird saying it like that...) is safe, because I still have plenty of my own twins left to keep me occupied. Actually, right now, I'm writing about sextuplets, so that would be twins times three, which makes me very happy!

      I might recognize them? Hmm.... I think I may see where this is starting to go!

      And you are most welcome to help yourself to my Pinterest boards. It's nice to know that it's thought of as a "great collection." :D


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