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Epic Disney Blog Party Tag Questions

This is probably going to be my only participation in the EDBP, so this had better be good!  (Kiri, I hope you get that quote!)  By the way, these are from Lianne Taimenlore.

Which is your favorite Disney film and why?
Um, I really don't know.  I really like so many of the Disney movies.  I guess I'll go with some that I especially enjoy, as I doubt I could pick just one.  Finding Nemo, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The Parent Trap (Hayley Mills), The Happiest Millionaire, Beauty and the Beast, National Treasure, and the list goes on.  And the reasons are numerous.  Pick one of those, and I guess I'll say, "Sure, I love that movie..."

Which is the most annoying/worst Disney film and why?
Easy.  Swiss Family Robinson.  Epic Fail!  They totally butchered the book!  I really can't stand that movie, and I loved the book.  They took out the best character, changed names, events, removed the neatest scenes and places, and basically destroyed the original story in a way that would make Johann Weiss positively wear his coffin away with spinning.  And I won't even mention the cheesy acting.  Altogether, this movie is good for nothing except making silly comics about.  Which my brother did.

Which was the first Disney film you can remember watching?
That's a hard one, but I think it would have to be Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, Too.  I watched it at my grandparents' house on VHS, way back when DVDs were brand new.  Yes, I feel REALLY old.  NOT.  Anywho, I just remember this because I was scared to death when Rabbit gets lost in the forest and his eyes get all spinning and colorful.  Having watched this since, I don't quite know what was so scary about it, but there you are!  Who can fathom the mind of a four-year-old?

What are some of your favorite quotes from Disney films?
"It says...smudge."
"Is there anything on this menu that is not swimming in gravy?"
"Look at those beady little eyes, and those ricky-diculous striped pajamas!"
"Normally they don't talk, sea cucumbers, but in a joke, everyone talks."
"How would it be if you came and had tea with me?"  (Obviously Mr. Tumnus was Sir Percy's understudy.)
"You're beginning to irk me, Professor.  I am irked!"

What Disney character do you think you are most like?
I honestly never considered this life-changing question before.  But I guess I will say that I am most like Rabbit, always scheming to get rid of my brothers just as Rabbit schemes to get rid of Tigger.  Oh, hi Count Bob!  *Nervous laughter*  OK, seriously, I'm tired of stalling.  I wish some character would pop into my head, and I could say, "Oh, yeah..."  I'll go with Dory from Finding Nemo.   My brothers will completely agree that I am as oblivious and ditzy as she is.  I probably annoy people more than I realize by hanging around them, and I am ALWAYS talking.

What is your favorite Disney film song?
I really like a lot of them , but the entire sidewalk scene from Mary Poppins contains two of my favorites.   "Jolly Holiday" and "Supercalifragilisticexpialidotious" are both excellent songs.

What is one Disney film you find yourself recommending over and over?
I don't tend to recommend movies to a lot of people; in fact, I usually get movies recommended to me.  But I think that Tangled is one of my more frequently recommended movies.

What is one thing from any Disney film/films that really irks you?
One thing that annoys me a lot is Disney's tendency to stray from the storyline of a book, especially in the older movies like *cough*Swiss Family Robinson *cough* or The Chronicles of Narnia.  While the latter mentioned is very good, it is still disappointingly not close enough to the book.

Who is your favorite Disney heroine and why?
My favorite would have to be Susan from Narnia.  I find that I sympathize with her a lot more than with the other Pevensies.  She doesn't want the adventure quite so much as the rest of her siblings.  She wants to turn her responsibility over to someone in authority, and she's definitely dependant on others, at least in the first movie.  This is something I very definitely understand, and it simply makes her more human, and therefore, more likeable.  Also, she's a know-it-all.  *Ahem* Not that I am anything like THAT!

Who is your favorite Disney hero and why?
Is there any contest?  Remy the rat is the best!  And why should you think that my love of cooking and well, frankly, eating, should have anything to do with this decision?  Even if it does.  All right.  I admit it.  Remy is my favorite because he is the only hero that immediately springs to mind that shares one of my three passions: reading, writing, and cooking.  If they had made a Disney movie of Charles Dickens I wouldn't even think about Remy.  He just happened to be there in a convenient place.

Who is your favorite Disney sidekick and why?
Lumiere, of course.  I mean, how could you dislike a candlestick with a French accent and an overwhelming sense of hospitality.  Is Lumiere a sidekick, by the way?  I mean, I don't know whose side he kicks, as it were.  I suppose Coggsworth?  Anyway, Lumiere is just so funny, and he gets all the best quotes in the movie, aside from Gaston.  Although I have always wondered how tall he must have started out years before if he is always lit up like that.  He must have been a gargantuous candle.

If you could spend a day in any Disney film, which one would you pick and why?
I would pick Tangled on the day of the floating lantern liftoff.  Honestly, I would pay to see something like that.  And the town and palace are really neat as well...

Choose any one Disney film character and place him in any Disney film (other than his or her own).  How would the story be different?
I choose to place Marlin in National Treasure.  The story would be not at all different, because Marlin would die from lack of water.  The only change is that Riley would make some witty remark about the situation.  Whew, that wasn't hard!

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  1. The Swiss Family Robinson was actually the first movie I liked every bit as well as the book. The only thing I would have changed was to add Jack. Otherwise I thought it stayed fairly true to the 'spirit' of the book - i.e. a family getting shipwrecked on a deserted island and having great and glorious adventures!

    A day in Tangled on the day of the 'floating lanterns gleam' would be terrific!!!

  2. Thanks for participating in the tag, Kathryn! I loved reading your answers!! Although, I must say, I'm a bit disappointed that you disapprove of the Swiss Family Robinson. That is one of my family's favorites... but I s'pose I have no place to judge it beside the book as I've only been able to read the abridged version. Very sad... I really must find the real book to compare, but I don't think I'll stop liking the movie. ;)

    Yes, I'd count Lumiere as a sidekick! (Where did that term come from anyway?) Love him in Beauty and the Beast!! Haha!! :D

  3. I remember VHS'. I must be older then you...because I remember for years that is all we had. I remember DVD's and thinking, "Well...that is weird. They won't last." Yeeeaaahhh...

    I like your favourite quotes. I love the gravy one.
    "Cheese me no likie!"
    "You can't forgive me...not even on your birthday."
    "I bet you weren't expecting...."
    "NO! NO!"
    "Oh, that's okay."

    Hehehe, sorry...I like that movie 8-D

  4. You haven't seemed to have be on in a while, but I awarded you over at my blog!


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