Monday, August 6, 2012

Get Ready! Get Set!

For almost a week of CBC epicness!  I might deign to post some photos on this blog...if I can figure out how to load them on to my computer.  I am not, I fear, very computer savvy.
We are looking forward to seeing our CBCs so much!  After talking on the phone to them for a LONG time today, I had to tear myself away and continue packing.  We are also having a costume birthday party, so I had to finish Count Bob's costume, which I won't say anything about, as it is supposed to be a secret, and Kiri or Jessa might chance upon this blog and then it would all be out!  Ruined, as it were.
This is going to be so much fun.  Exchanging stories far into the night with Kiri Liz is one of my favorite pastimes.  Do you know how to make pumpernickel pancakes?  We do.  How about reenacting Narnia or mouthing the words to I've Got a Dream while the music is playing in the background?  Or watching the old Nancy Drew show, or playing hide-and-seek all over the house.  (I personally think that this is a lot more fun when you are older and therefore better able to think of clever hiding spots)  We stuff ourselves with unwholesome food, stay up late and arise early, talk our heads off (not literally), take hundreds of pictures (literally), and generally have a good time.
So, CBCs, I hope that you are ready to receive us.  Because we are coming in about eighteen hours.
Thanks for reading and God bless.
Your elated fellow-blogger,


  1. EPIC WIN!!! Can't wait to see you!!! :D

  2. Sounds like a terrific time!!!

    *Looks around for some cousins to adopt.* :) Actually we have some 'almost' CBCs. The 'contract' has not been signed yet, but that is in part because we rarely see them due to the fact that they live several states away!!!

  3. Such an enterprise!!! I absolutely cannot wait!!! Just a few more hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, and thanks for the phone chat yesterday. It gave me something to do as I was shucking all that corn!! The costumes sound wonderfully delightful as you were telling me over the phone, too!!!
    We are going to have so much fun this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait so see you all!!!!

  4. I hope you have a lot of fun!!! It sounds exciting!

  5. Oh what fun!! Sound like you will be having quite a time with your CBCs! Can't wait to see the photos!


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