Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Here are pictures of our visit, pictures which I promised I would put up!

This is a CBC classic: Bacon Popcorn!

Here we are signing our CBC week T-shirts

My little brother and their little sister brushing their teeth

Jessa Bri, me, and Beth Grace playing a LOTR board game.
The others are there, you just can't see them.

Doofus being a showoff


Beth Grace put my hair in curlers for the costume party.

End result: Nancy Drew!

Uncle J as Jacob Marley

Molgum as Barney Fife

Teddy as Pippi Longstocking.
There are pipe cleaners braided into her hair to make it stick out!

Kiri Liz as Astrid attacking Sammy as Hiccup

Emily as Arwen

Victoria as Jane Bennet.
She won the best hairstyle award.  The back of her hair was PERFECT!

Jessa Bri as Queen Susan with Andrew as Ted Nickerson

Count Bob as Sir Percy and Cyb as Maxwell Smart

All of the CBCs!

In case you couldn't tell, we had a great time!  I hope we can do this again ASAP.
Thanks for reading and God bless,


  1. FUN!!!!!!!!! My favorites are the Arwen and Queen Susan costumes, but I like them all!!

    Have you heard Peter Jackson is splitting The Hobbit into three movies now?!!!!

  2. What fun you must have had!!! These pictures make me so jealous I don't have CBCs. Perhaps someday.... :)

    I loved your costumes! Kiri Liz's was my favorite, along with the Pippi Longstocking. Looks like you had a great time!

  3. Someone else knows who Maxwell Smart is. You've no idea how happy that makes me. I mention his name to most people and they give me funny looks, or think I'm speaking of the new movie.

    It looks like it was a lot of fun! I like the costumes, they are all very nice! I hope it was as much fun as it looks 8-D

    1. Yes, I should have mentioned that the Maxwell Smart I was talking about is from the 1960s TV show. My little brother really likes that show, and we have all five seasons on DVD. I'm glad you got that right away, though.

  4. How did you manage to miss some people (and me included) in their costumes? Epic fail! Don't worry, I think Jessa Bri got pictures of almost, if not everybody, in costume form. I know she is planning a post very, very soon over at her blog! :)

    1. My dear Beth Grace, I did not put everyone up because I did not have pictures of everyone. I'm dreadfully sorry, but there you are. I agree, Epic Fail.

  5. The costume party was EPIC! I will be posting pictures of it on my blog very soon!

  6. Love, love, love, Kathryn!! So glad you got pictures up!!! This was an EPIC WEEK!!!!! (Not to mention the spickens.... ;)


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