Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Plot Bunny Meme

So, Anne-girl made a questionnaire on her blog for the June Crusade, and it looks interesting.  I will use yesterday's PB, The Road to Baltimore to answer the questions.

Soundtrack Cover: Alexandre Desplat - Rise of the Guardians
1. Pick a villain song for this plot bunny {i.e. Gaston, Falcon in the Dive}
- Does it have to have words?  "Nightmares Attack" from the Rise of the Guardians soundtrack.

2. Take the first character you created for this bunny.  What is his or her worst fear?
- Hester Tardenwell Dane's worst fear, at least before her adventures begin, is Corinda the cow.

3. What does your protagonist do on Wednesdays?  Antagonist?
- Like any good American farmer's wife, Hester follows the old jingle, "Wash on Monday; Iron on Tuesday," etc.  That means that Wednesdays are housecleaning days.
Chic & Antique Album 1 « Gallery 2 « » Galerija-  Bribbs, the bad guy, does not have a weekly schedule.  He spends a lot of his time farm-handing or working at the docks to pick up extra cash.  Otherwise he's plotting his evil deeds like a proper villain.

4. If your protagonist could steal something, what would it be?
- Theft!  The very idea makes Hester recoil in terror.  Although, now that you mention it, she always has admired the insufferable Mrs. Danson's silver coffee service.  NOT that she would ever entertain the idea of stealing it for one tiny instant!

Connecticut woods late fall!5. Give two of your characters a special thing that they do {like a special handshake, an inside joke, a tradition together}
- Cris and Hester take walks down by the woods every Sunday afternoon.  They wouldn't miss their walks for the world.

6. Pick the epicest person in your book and describe them.  Preferably give them an actor as well.
- The epicest (is that even a proper word?) person would have to be Uncle Johnny Tardenwell, Mother's younger brother.  He got the fair Tardenwell looks, which means big blue eyes and pale hair.  But he's a big man with powerful muscles and he carries a gun in a belt holster when he walks around.  He fought in Texas and he doesn't like living in Baltimore but does so because someone has to look after Grandfather and Grandmother.  But if anyone tries to cross him, then they'll have him and his six-gun to face.  Sorry, but I don't have an actor for Uncle Johnny.  He's too epic, I guess.

felicity jones as catherine morland in northanger abbey7. Which Jane Austen character does your protagonist most resemble?
- Well, Hester is kind of a combination of Eleanor Dashwood and Catherine Morland, if that is even possible.  On the one hand she is a sensible New England farmer's wife (who doesn't like cows at all), but on the other hand she has a dash of the dreamer and a wild imagination.
Emma Thompson, Elinor Dashwood - Sense and Sensibility (1995) #janeausten #anglee
8. How would your character react to an airplane ride?
- Considering that Hester is living in 1850's Connecticut, I think she would have a major shock if she were to experience an airplane ride.  (I can't even get over it, and I live in the twenty-first century!)  She would probably enjoy it, though, because it would be quite an adventure.

9. What demographic could this bunny be for?
Uncle Tom's Cabin    By: Harriet Beecher Stowe  Lost References:        Seen on a bookshelf in Benjamin Linus' house. ("Dead Is Dead")- ????  I assume you mean characteristics of the plot, in other words, genre.  I think this would be considered a mixture between historical fiction and suspense.

10. Describe your inciting event.
- The inciting event occurs when Cris brings Hester a letter from her grandfather in Baltimore.  Hester has never met her mother's parents, but she and Cris decide to answer the summons to her grandmother's deathbed by travelling to Maryland, despite the fact that Cris is uneasy about being a Yankee in a slave state after reading the newly published Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Thanks for reading, and God bless,

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